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Have fun and find new friends on Facebook, but please be careful and remember that not everyone you meet is as nice as you. Avoid linking with people you are not sure about. Never write anything personal, like where you live or work, or phone numbers. If someone sends you a message you are not comfortable with, just ignore them and don't accept them as a "friend".

Facebook is one of the most popular sites on The Interweb. It's great fun and free to use but anyone who uses Facebook to post a profile, link up with friends, post messages or participate in discussions must be careful about how much and what kind of personal data they post.

Remember that anyone in the world can see your main page. Make sure you only put the minimum of information on your basic profile so that people you don't know are unable to snoop on your personal business or view pictures that you would prefer to be private.

Some people may try to hack into your computer, so never let anyone have access or information about you and your computer. Never follow a link or download any software that someone might suggest.

Some people might befriend you and once you think you trust and know them they might ask for money. Never agree to do this, no matter how nice they seem, if you have never actually met them, but report the user to Facebook and they will investigate them.

For more information about keeping safe online check the HELP section on Facebook.

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